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Case Study 2
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Breathable Label

Image of raindrops on a window.
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The Challenge

Enviro Window Solutions (EWS) required a breathable label to facilitate the removal of fog, condensation and moisture accumulation that can collect in multi-pane windows. EWS had used off-the-shelf products and other manufacturer concepts in the past, but was not satisfied with the results. LINC was tasked with answering this challenge: using innovative air-deflection concepts, could the client have a final product that ensured proper airflow was achieved?


Multi-layer construction drawing concept.

Our Solution

EWS met with our team and, after taking time to thoroughly understand their needs and challenges, we developed a multi-layered breathable label that solved their persistent air-deflection issue.

We started with initial drawings based on Enviro Window’s requirements and came up with various designs to ultimately realize a solution that would work. LINC created a defogging system that enabled the air space between the window panes to dry, allowing the windows to regain their functionality. This saved the customer the cost of prematurely replacing the window.

The results were outstanding, EWS achieved more than they anticipated, and the airflow was exactly what they were looking for. It was important for EWS to have a unique design that stood out against their competitors and LINC achieved that goal.