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The Medical Market

Montage of abstract medical images.

The Highest Standards

There are few standards higher than those required for medical products. We work with both startups and established medical companies to ensure all regulations and standards are met. Close customer consultation provides the inspiration for new approaches to material usage and production methods. Customer-driven process control and quality assurance arrangements build on the superior PC and QA programs that are natural for first-rate medical converting. We are recognized as a leading medical device converter of components that require precise die-cutting, tight tolerances, and complex multi-layer laminations. Our team understands what it means to recommend materials and develop products that work not only in the medical field, but also in full-scale production environments. Component manufacturing of diagnostic products requires unparalleled precision, repeatability, and materials knowledge. LINC is ready to assist with prototypes, design consultation and full-scale production.

Label Innovation also has a proven track record of custom converting and label manufacturing, creating solutions for: