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Excellence in All Industries

Developing New Products and New Techniques

We welcome the challenge of manufacturing a new product, especially one with little or no production precedent. With an adaptable plant and personnel, we apply specialized techniques in handling unfamiliar materials to create a new and different conversion item. Once initial composition is achieved, we work with our clients to continuously improve the product, particularly in the area of cost. Label Innovation provides years of expertise and development in materials, adhesives, processes and conversion to enhance and create products within the medical, security, technology and industrial markets.

Strong Partnerships

Experience has taught us that a strong partnership leads to trust, confidence, security, and peace of mind for our customers. These value-added factors derive from having a quality product and excellent service. LINC is frequently praised for emergency assistance and quick turn-around, where the impossible is routine. We also offer raw and finished material inventory management, delivery due-date and quantity forecasting. From initial consult to after-sales follow-up, first-class client service is LINC’s obligation to our business partners. We have a proven custom converting and label manufacturing track record creating solutions for: