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Case Study 6
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Piggy Back Label

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The Challenge

Public Works required a label for a preprinted kit folder, but needed the label, or at least its message portion, to be removable, so it could be transferred and stuck to another surface (the kit folder recipient’s computer.) Adding to the challenge, the customer had a Word Processor file of what the label should look like, but no usable file suitable for printing. It was also imperative that the label colours match those on the kit folder.


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Our Solution

LINC was brought into the process at the beginning to provide ideas on how the requirements could be met. It was decided we would use a “piggy back” paper stock – a liner laminated to another liner that is then laminated to a gloss face stock, which then receives the printing. This multi-level construction allows the top layer to be removed easily while the bottom layer remains where it should, on the kit folder.

A special tool was purchased to cut the label at different levels. The artwork was created using the initial computer file as a guide to what the customer wanted. Achieving a colour match was a routine operation using LINC’s resources. Once the labels were produced, we applied them to the preprinted kit folders. Another satisfied customer!

Diagram of label construction