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Case Study 7
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Cryogenic Label

Image of a blood bag label.
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The Challenge

A blood donation and distribution centre needed to apply identification labels containing critical-to-patient-care information onto their frozen plasma bags. The plasma bags required to be stored and transported between their distribution center and hospitals within the region. For the integrity of plasma, the bags needed to be stored in extremely cold temperatures. Due to the cold surface and humidity on the bags, the identification labels frequently failed to adhere causing them to fall off or be easily removed. Could Label Innovation develop a product that could withstand extreme variations in temperatures, allowing our client to reassure their patients that the samples provided were safe and accurate while in their care? 

The Solution

Through many months of testing, experimentation and trial sampling, we rose to the challenge and produced a cryogenic label with an adhesive that could adhere to a -80˚C surface with a 100% success rate. With the temperature issue addressed and the security of the identification information contained, what was deemed to be an impossible challenge has now been overcome. Our focus on development and quality manufacturing meant, in a field where the highest standards are of utmost importance, our client was able to achieve excellence in their industry. At Label Innovation our clients success is our motivation to achieve.