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Discover Our Capabilities

We offer a range of flexible material converting services. With our unique process design and supply chain management services, we can deliver a customized bundle of services to match any customer’s needs. LINC provides precision die-cutting on a variety of materials. Our parts are produced on flexible converting equipment to tolerances as tight as ± 0.001″. Various materials can be converted, from thin films and laminates to plastic and rubber. We also have years of experience with production challenges such as converting thicker or softer adhesive systems and providing adhesive-free zones.

Abstact image denoting medical excellence.

Medical Device Labels and Components

Medical industry products require the highest standards. We work with customers to ensure all applicable regulations are met, ensuring our medical device labels, components and products comply with stringent statistical requirements.

Abstract image denoting security technology.

Security Labels and Components

We manufacture tamper-proof destructible labels. We incorporate supplied stock-bearing holograms and can create individually numbered, non-removable seals. We adhere to stringent customer specifications and follow process and quality-control arrangements.

Roll of converted material.

Converting Services

LINC combines materials such as paper, adhesives, foam, felt, rubber, films, foils and other materials to create new multi-layered products or functional components. We provide statistical quality-control processes with full analysis, multi-layer laminating constructions, barcoding and hot foil stamping.

Image of a mulit-layer label with a hidden RFID circuit board.

Complex Labels

If it’s tough, if it’s unusual, if it hasn’t been done before or doesn’t exist, we do it! We specialize in complex label manufacturing, whether it be a label that must wrap around an object but not adhere to its surface, or a label with a specialty rubber. We routinely produce products with little to no product precedent and thrive on breaking away from the conventional.

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Custom Manufacturing

We manufacture custom labels, valves, tamper-proof security devices, gaskets and medical devices. We convert using a wide range of materials, including films, coated tapes, rubber, foils, aluminum, laminates, foam and specialty materials.

Close up photo of a production press roller.

Laser Cutting

While rotary tooling has limitations, LINC’s galvo-laser unit expands our precision capabilities. The laser can cut narrow channels in converted material. For clients, the laser means shortened time frames for prototyping when testing and validating new products. It easily cuts small, intricate sizes and shapes and can cut through numerous materials like papers, adhesives, and polymers, to name a few. With seemingly limitless design capabilities, the laser efficiently produces an extremely accurate product and continues to support our vision to become the leader in cutting edge custom converting solutions.

Photo of a grouping of foil and metallic materials.

Die Cutting

Label Innovation continues to be an industry leader when it comes to precision rotary die cutting. We provide cutting-edge capabilities with multi-layer laminating constructions and substrate widths up to 13″, and have the ability to ensure tight tolerances. Various materials can be converted including films, non-woven fabrics, foil and rubber.

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We provide flexographic printing with 4-colour process and are fully capable of printing up to 7 colours. LINC uses several unique presses to deliver customized printing to suit your specific needs and provide maximum flexibility when choosing manufacturing methods.

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We make barcode printing easy with thermal labels and thermal tags. Black-and-white barcoding is available on labels, paper and synthetic label materials. We provide simple and complex variable data barcode label printing. We can print both direct thermal (DT) and thermal transfer (TT) depending on customer requirements. 

Metallic material on a press roll.

Slitting and Finishing

We’ve earned a reputation for leadership in precision slitting and finishing services. Throughout the industry, customers come to us when they have a project that’s difficult to slit, sensitive to wind and finish, or requires fast turnaround. Once the process is established, we often provide ongoing turnkey finishing and winding programs and order fulfillment customized to match a client’s production and delivery processes.

Warning sign hidden under a paper layer.

Industrial Labels

In the Industrial industry, we have created innovative design and fabrications for complex labels and components. We provide superior quality control and are ISO 9001 Certified. We are responsive and open to our customers’ needs and ideas, priding ourselves on “outside-the-box” thinking.

Image of a small spool of paper.

Thermal Printing

Label Innovation offers Thermal Printing technology with sequential numbering, 2-D coding and QR coding. The quality, efficiency and speed of our thermal printing capability has made it an increasingly popular print option with many of our customers.

Abstract photo of Research and Development.

Research and Development

Our prototyping and R&D have improved numerous concept designs. LINC provides feasibility studies for manufacturing with little to no product precedent, and performs physical and mechanical testing on materials and products. In addition, we assist with material selection, sourcing and design assistance for medical components.

Abstract photo ligthbulb and intense colour, denoting creativity.

Creative Services

We provide creative technical graphic solutions. From technical drawing and specification enhancements to illustrations for custom products, we help our customers stand out in the marketplace.