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Case Study 4
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Self Laminating Label

Microscopic graphic of red blood cells.
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The Question

Our client, Canadian Blood Services, presented a unique challenge: was Label Innovation capable of creating a label that could be written on at the time of application and then be protected from future alteration?

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Our Answer

We designed a self-laminating label. First, the liner of the top, clear layer was backslit (cut from underneath). Next, some of the liner was removed, exposing only a small portion of the adhesive. This portion was then laminated to the substrate – in this case the bottom printed label. The balance of the top laminate still had a liner attached and therefore would not stick to the substrate. The customer was able to flip up the laminate to write on the label, remove the liner and apply the balance of laminate to the face of the label – creating a protected and durable label.

The Challenge

As all adhesives have a shelf life, and the information added to the labels was critical, our client also needed complete confidence that the label would always remain in place.

Our Solution

To achieve this, the expiry date of the adhesive was printed on the back of the liner. With this information always in front of users, the client had confidence that critical information was conveyed. Once again, fully understanding the client’s requirements helped us work together to reach the desired goals.

Diagram of label construction