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You will appreciate our high quality and amazing turn-around times. We believe partnerships lead to trust, confidence, a sense of security and peace of mind. From engineering advice for product development to raw and finished material inventory management or even delivery due-date and quantity forecasting, we’re here for you.

Graphic of a Mathematical formula. L = 0.0655 x (Dr2 - dc2) over C


L      =  length of roll in feet
Dr2  =  diameter of the roll squared (in inches)
dc2  =  diameter of core squared (in inches)
C     =  thickness of stock (in inches)

If self-adhesive labels are stored under these conditions, they have a shelf life of one year.

New or Reprint

  1. Have you printed these labels before?
  2. If so are there any changes needed?


  1. How are these labels going to be used? (e.g. product packaging, security reason, sealing, etc.)
  2. Where are they going to be applied? (e.g. inside or outside, type of surface, etc.)
  3. Will you need to print or write on these labels in the future?
  4. How will you be applying these labels? (e.g. manually or automatic)


  1. What is the size and shape of the label?
  2. How many colours?
  3. Do the colours bleed off the edges?
  4. Will you be providing artwork?


  1. When do you need them?
  2. How do they need to be packaged? (e.g. on rolls, fan folded, sheets, or singles)
  3. Are there any special instructions?
  1. Remove label from liner by gently peeling back the liner while touching the adhesive as little as possible.
  2. Apply label, adhesive side down, to clean, dry, dust-free surface.
  3. Gently burnish (i.e. rub down) label.
  4. Allow adhesive to set for 24 to 48 hours for maximum adhesion.

Please note that the above instructions are general application guidelines only. Special face stocks, adhesives and application surfaces may require more specific instructions.

To optimize the life of self-adhesive labels, they should be stored as follows:

  1. Keep label rolls tightly wound and taped.
  2. Keep rolls in poly bags, tightly sealed.
  3. Keep bagged rolls inside a closed carton to protect from light.
  4. Store boxes at normal room temperature (72 degrees F, 22 degrees C) and normal room humidity.

If self-adhesive labels are stored under these conditions, they have a shelf life of one year.