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Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance that Delivers

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Superior Quality Converting

We are committed to providing superior quality converting services and products. We do this by ensuring Quality Management principles are used effectively throughout our processes. We are committed to ongoing improvement and continually train and upgrade our employees’ skills, remaining current with new developments in technology and equipment. We maintain the highest standards in safety and industrial hygiene practices. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure Label Innovation is meeting our goal in the pursuit of perfection. Whether meeting medical standards or cutting-edge security requirements, discover why LINC has established a well-respected name as the solutions provider.


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Process Control

Using our business objective of maximum supplier-buyer integration, Label Innovation has developed process control and quality assurance arrangements with a number of our customers. These superior controls and arrangements, natural to a first-rate custom converter, allow customers with special needs to go a BIG step further. Developing documented process and quality specifications, and being rigorously evaluated on the resulting performance, is where LINC truly becomes a branch plant and part of our customers’ supply-chain management system.

Superior QV

When precise detection capability is crucial, our Quick Vision offers statistical analysis for tool validation and a host of other critical measurements. LINC’s QV features non-stop measurement in the production environment and captures and processes all workpiece images needed to make accurate and rapid measurements.

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View Quality Assurance PDF
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