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A Rewarding Career

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Our future is shaped by our reputation and driven by our people. Find out how you can apply for a rewarding and exciting career with us. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome and encourage all applications. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.


Career-Related Questions

Our business has been built on our core principle of aligning ourselves with customers who have unique and/or difficult problems to solve AND who insist their converting partner meet high standards. To accomplish this, we hire excellent people who are performance driven and operate with unwavering integrity and values that match those of our organization.


Our clients appreciate that we understand their needs and act in their best interest.   Our focus on partnership, our emphasis on trust and our desire to constantly improve has helped us build a company-wide team driven to perform to the highest standards.


Our reputation is opening doors to our future but that future is being shaped and driven by our people. Ours is a complex, dynamic and innovative industry. We need the very best employees. We then ensure there are no barriers inhibiting individual or team performance and provide the tools for all to achieve their full potential. Label Innovation employees are encouraged to deliver candid and constructive feedback so as to maintain the strong and open culture that exists within our company.


We understand that our collective diversity is our strength and are committed to creating an inclusive organization where everyone can succeed based on merit. We hire and develop people with unique experiences and diverse backgrounds because we believe that is a fundamental part of strengthening our business capabilities. We understand that different perspectives bring strength and creativity to our work and lead to the best solutions for our clients.


Our values – creativity, integrity, respect and ownership – are reflected in the way we conduct our business and in the results that we consistently achieve for our clients. We are grounded in the belief that we are best able to contribute to our customers’ well-being when we are called upon. We consistently develop creative solutions to complex converting problems, and then deliver with a passion for quality. We expect our employees to think and act like owners and to treat everyone – customers, colleagues and suppliers – with utmost respect.

At Label Innovation, we work together to achieve our goal of providing solutions – often unique and creative, always cost effective – to meet customer requirements. It is therefore crucial that we communicate effectively among ourselves and that everyone is given full opportunity to use their individual talents. Here are some ways we do it:

Performance Management

To achieve our business goals and meet or exceed rigorous customer expectations, we recruit and retain the best possible talent. We go to great lengths to ensure candidates are a solid “fit” with who we are and what we do. We then ensure expectations at the individual and team levels are clear and achievement is rewarded with a compensation program based on performance. We have an extensive formal Performance Management Program that supports our goal-setting efforts and drives the compensation program.

Engagement Survey

We believe it is important that employees feel part of a team, know their ideas and suggestions count, can trust their manager, and that diverse perspectives are valued.  There are formal and informal initiatives to monitor these points and the results used to improve in these areas.

Other Initiatives

Other initiatives include regular team meetings and all-employee quarterly off-site meetings. Less formal team functions include such things as picnics, a schedule of summer BBQs, paint ball, Christmas party, pot-luck lunches, and more.

The Total Compensation Program at Label Innovation includes base salary, variable pay, benefits and perks and recognition.

Competitive Base Salary

Pay for performance, according to market. Label Innovation salaries are competitively based on the market and individual performance. Our pay ranges are determined by comprehensive market surveys according to skill, discipline and level. Our performance recognition approach is designed to continuously assess proper placement within the market range and recognize high performance.

Variable Pay: Pay for Performance

Because we believe that variable pay reinforces the focus on performance and recognizes employees for the achievement of specific results, most employees at LINC have a performance-related element to their pay.

On-the-Spot Recognition

In addition to salary and bonus, we believe it is important to provide on-the-spot recognition for contributions that go “above and beyond”. We have recognition programs to celebrate individual and group achievements, while helping managers to recognize and immediately reward special contributions – both big and small.


A comprehensive set of benefits are provided to our employees. Below is a brief summary of some of the benefits that may be of interest.

Health-care Coverage

Label Innovation, as your employer, pays the bulk of the total cost of the health plan we offer, including medical and dental coverage for you and your family. We offer medical coverage with health and wellness elements to help you get the most out of your quality of life – at home and on the job. We have a tobacco-free work environment, annual flu shot clinic and plans for more.

Life and Income Protection

Life is unpredictable but planning for the financial welfare of your family and loved ones doesn’t have to be. Label Innovation employment includes retirement savings opportunities as well as insurance plans to help give you peace of mind today. LINC ensures you will have access to programs to help replace income for you and your survivors in the event of illness, injury or death.

Paid Time Off

Having a full and balanced life on the job and outside of your career is important to you and to us, so we offer time-off opportunities that are market competitive or better. This includes time off for:

  • Vacation
  • Holidays
  • Bereavement
  • Jury Duty
  • Others

Training Opportunities/Tuition Refund

The Company encourages employees to increase the knowledge and develop the skills that they bring to their work. In fact, pay levels within the Compensation Program are structured to an extent to recognize this increased value. On-the-job training, cross training, internal and outside training programs are all available to assist those with the potential and desire.

To assist employees with attaining their career goals, LINC reimburses tuition expenses for approved courses of study. The level of reimbursement is tied to how directly the training relates to the business in general and your role within it.

Our future is being shaped by our reputation and driven by our people. Review our specific job openings to apply for a rewarding career at Label Innovation.