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Partners in the Pursuit of Perfection

Business partners shaking hands.

Your Ideal Business Partner

Our slogan, “Partners in the Pursuit of Perfection”, is LINC’s business philosophy in a nutshell, derived from our mission statement: “We are an integral part of our customers’ operations.” Our customers are purchasing not only a product, but also confidence – assurance that their interests are protected and that demands will be met on an ongoing basis. Customers can even choose to control what LINC does through the supply of production plans, process control specifications, quality assurance checklists, and programmed delivery schedules. With the supplier committed to the customer, and vice versa, it’s a recipe for a win-win partnership.

We bring experience and expertise when it comes to manufacturing specialized adhesive components, with capabilities that help make us leaders in custom component converting manufacturing. Our innovative approach to problem solving in product development, and emphasis on quality control and customer service, continue to impress our industry-diverse client base. Our range of customers include makers of sophisticated medical products and industrial safety devices. Our goal is to become an integral part of our customers’ operations and to follow a collaborative approach to achieving the highest possible product quality and service level.

Together We Find a Solution

Supplier-customer cooperation is key to unlocking the potential creativity and inventiveness needed to resolve a converting challenge. Collaboration gets you the product you want, but also sets up your requirements for on-time delivery and assistance in emergencies. Acting as a Service-the-Need partner, LINC works with you to manufacture a premium product and provide inventory and supply services. When high quality and amazing turnaround times are important to you, you’ll appreciate working with us. Responsive, quality conscious, flexible, efficient and service-oriented are just some of the good features customers attribute to LINC.

Pride in our Product

Most conversion products are used in combination with goods that the converter’s customers produce for their own clientele. We foster a close converter-customer link that goes beyond a simple supplier-buyer relationship. Following the philosophy that “our customer’s customer is our customer” means we have a shared business reputation to protect. That’s a powerful incentive to make sure our product line is a source of pride. With any product, rush orders are a fact of life, and Label Innovation successfully meets urgent requirements.