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A Hive of Activity
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31 May 2016 - 17:57, by , in LINC News, Comments off

As Label Innovation continues to expand internationally, we are excited about new opportunities that allow our custom converting expertise to shine:

  • We were recently tasked with identifying a foam/PSA construction that is inert to the test chemistry, has specific compression and rebound characteristics, and can be die-cut to tight tolerances and presented on a liner in roll format. All this was achieved within the short timeframe stipulated by our customer.
  • Additionally, we currently convert a silicone adhesive platform for an established microfluidic consumable design and manufacturing company. As this project gained momentum, we have also started converting smaller sub-components from optically clear and PCR-compatible materials that get placed onto the adhesive platform.
  • A fast-growing testing company required LINC to convert a light-sensitive heat-activated film. This film required a serpentine microfluidic channel cut into it, and the excess material needed to be stripped away, leaving a precision finished part. The initial commercial production run is now being used on their line.
  • We are now working on a “chip” project that sees us laminating multiple films and PSAs together with small fluidic features cut into the multiple layers.

As our presses are buzzing with new complex opportunities and challenges to overcome, we look forward to an exciting future that sees LINC transforming our clients’ visions from ideas into reality.

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