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A Multi-Layered Horizon
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30 June 2016 - 17:58, by , in LINC News, Comments off

Label Innovation continues to break new ground and go beyond the limits of what’s possible. We welcome the challenge of manufacturing a new product, especially one with little or no production precedent!

One of our newest converting challenges revolves around a unique microfluidic device. Like an onion –  having many layers that can be peeled back – this device has over ten functional layers of construction. Our client is actively looking at ways to optimize the manufacturing process, including mixing and matching different adhesives between layers to minimize input costs. The end result promises to be a unique roll-to-roll manufactured consumable, rather than a traditional, higher-cost, injection-molded cartridge.

“A project such as this really enables us to separate ourselves from our competition,” says LINC Sales Consultant Ben Slack. “This challenge gets our collective juices flowing.”

Our vision is to be the controlled supplier and off-line asset for customers – a virtual ‘branch plant’ – in a win-win partnership that achieves the best in product and service.

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