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Looking to the Year Ahead
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As our fiscal year closes, Label Innovation is excited about the next phase of our expansion. Our International customers have seen considerable growth despite all the challenges relating to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Their growth has lead to our involvement in many new and exciting projects, in a variety of industries.

New Delta Converting System equipment on our production floor has helped keep up with their growing demands. It has bolstered our complex converting capacity and allowed more rapid turnaround times and new product development.

Our in-line laser technology has added another layer of precision converting to our repertoire. For our clients, the laser has meant shortened lead times and reduced prototyping costs when testing and validating new products.

Internally, our team is growing and new positions have been added to accommodate the new growth.

“In light of the pandemic challenges we are continuing to adapt to meet and exceed our customer demands,” says Paul Carusi, Director of Sales at Label Innovation. “Knowing we are achieving things our competitors cannot, and being able to provide our customers with the results they expect to achieve their goals is what drives us to be better. Our customers are our number one priority and we are honoured that they give us the opportunity to be a part of their business”.

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