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From Just in Time to Just in Case: COVID-19 Brings Adaptability to the Fore
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30 July 2020 - 13:42, by , in LINC News, Comments off

The medical manufacturing fallout from COVID-19 continues. Pivoting from daily operations in order to fulfill urgent needs is never easy, so developing the right strategy can make a world of difference.

Label Innovation’s focus on being a virtual “branch plant” and a value-add partner has been invaluable to our worldwide customers. Our ability to offer Just In Time (JIT) delivery, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), and Just in Case (JIC) delivery means our customers have been able to stay operational, as well as managing their cash flow.

With rapidly changing expectations during this global pandemic, moving to an increasingly flexible model has become more important than ever. The JIC model protects you from a shut down in your production lines, and allows your customers to stay fully operational through unexpected life-changing events – like a pandemic. The quest for leanness and cost-cutting has meant many manufacturers were once forced to buy in larger volumes, and in most cases, from one manufacturer in one country. Unfortunately in a time of crisis, this can lead to increased pricing and in some circumstances, a shortage of supply. In light of COVID-19 and planning for the unexpected, there may be benefit in moving from a conventional production and purchasing model to a Just in Case model.

We understand pivoting from daily operations in order to adapt to a global pandemic is never easy. Label Innovation is responsive and open to ideas when dealing with our customer’s converting needs and embracing unconventional thinking. Helping our clients survive and thrive during a global challenge is part of what makes us an ideal business partner when taking your business from conventional to unconventional.

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